Tub to Shower conversion in Toronto & GTA

One of the trends we’ve been noticing in Toronto & GTA is a growing number of people who are looking to convert their existing standalone bathtub, or a bath-and-shower duo, to a freestanding shower system. Most people do it either to improve the accessibility of their home or to freshen up the look of their bathrooms. Whatever your reasons are for considering this type of conversion, Happy Bathroom Renovation can help you with the process!

What is typically included in a tub to shower conversion project?

While the scope of your project will depend on your specific needs, some elements are common for the most tub-to-shower conversions: bathtub removal; hauling away debris; cleanup/repair; shower installation; shower door installation; new faucet and tile installation; plumbing. Your project may not need all of these tasks completed or may need more. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will advise you on the best approach to take.

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Can I do tub-to-shower conversion without hiring a contractor?

Since there are many things to consider and lots of things that can go wrong with this type of project we would not advise taking a DYI approach for a tub-to-shower replacement. Yes, the labour cost will increase the overall price tag on your conversion, but the peace of mind, the quality of work, and the long-lasting satisfaction from your new shower will be worth it.

If you decide to do it yourself, here are some of the things you will need to do during this project:

  • removing the bathtub;
  • placing a waterproof layer on the floor and walls;
  • installing shower kit and tiles;
  • confirming there is no leakage;
  • installing and testing faucets.