Bathroom Remodelling & Renovations in Etobicoke and Toronto west

We have been remodeling and renovating bathrooms in Etobicoke and Toronto West since 2006. Over the years we've made hundreds of West-enders happy with their newly renovated washrooms and we'd love an opportunity to improve your bathroom too!

With home prices in West Toronto and Etobicoke higher than ever and continuing to rise amazing bathroom renovations by Happy Bathroom Renovation will add even more value to your condo or house making your next bathroom remodeling not just another home improvement project but also a great.

Bathroom Reno
Small Bathroom Renovation

How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation In Toronto West / Etobicoke Cost?

Answering this question requires a detailed assessment, that's why before taking on a project we provide a work and material estimate free of charge and with no commitment required from you. 

We've worked on projects in Toronto West End and Etobicoke that could go anywhere from $9,000 CAD for an economy renovation of a small bathroom to $40,000 CAD luxury renovations of large bathrooms. The average bathroom renovation cost in Etobicoke is $15,000 CAD, but we recommend you read our bathroom renovation cost article to get a better idea of what your own remodeling cost could be. 

How Long Does A Bathroom Renovation Take In Toronto West / Etobicoke?

Just like when it comes to cost, project timelines vary depending on the project renovation type the size of your washroom. We will give you our time estimate during the free assessment visit.

To give you a rough idea, a simple bathroom renovation project usually takes 10 days to complete.

Large Bathroom Renovation