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Our Skilled Tile Setters can Install any type of Tiles such as Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Glass, Limestone, Slate, Travertine, Limestone Glass, Sandstone, Stone, Counter tops. 

Our services include:

 Whole House Renovation

 Commercial Building and Renovation

* Kitchen
* Backsplash
* Flooring
* Bathroom
* Stand up shower
* Bath Tub Enclosure
* Sauna and Steam Room
* Living, dining room
* Basement
* Hallway
* Lobby

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Preparing Floor for Tile Installation

Happy Bathroom Renovation Company

 Happy Bathroom Renovation Company has been laying tile for many years. We love tile. It's beautiful and it doesn't require much maintenance. So, tiling is what you should always consider for your home improvement ideas. 
Installed the right way a tile floor should last forever, come hell or high water.

Preparing a floor for tile installation can save you money since the price for tiling could be reduced when a tile setter won't have to prepare the floor prior to tiling. 

Ceramic tile are among the most rigid materials for flooring. They require a subfloor that is designed to account for this, without any fluctuation and movement. Look in the internet for some basic instructions about subfloor preparation for tile installation.

If you'd like to prepare your floor for the tile installation yourself, simply google subfloor preparation instructions for installing ceramic tile.

There are several options you will find:

1. Installing Ceramic Tile Over a Concrete Slab
2. Installing Ceramic Tile Over a Plywood Sub Floor
3. Installing Ceramic Tile Over Vinyl Floor
4. Installing Ceramic Tile Over An Existing Ceramic Tile floor
5. Installing  Ceramic Tile Over Vinyl or Wooden Substrates

Different sub floor types need different preparation, so you need to learn how to prepare the floor you have in order to save money.  

So, it's always your choice: DIY and save your money or hire a professional tiler and save your time.

If you want to get a quick quote for your renovation project, simply call us at (647)865-2517 . Your renovation could be more affordable then you think!

Two Ways To Prepare a Floor. 

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