Bathroom renovation is not a half yearly or yearly exercise and you are only going to opt for a complete overhaul once in a few years. Not only is bathroom renovation a tedious task, it is also an expensive one depending on the type of tile installation, plumbing and vanity installation you are looking at. Naturally, it is wise if you consider these professional recommendations before beginning work on bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation would call for the same extent of research and planning as you would have done while buying a house or deciding on the furniture you brought into your house. There are several aspects that have to be considered. The first factor that should be delved into is the space of your bathroom. The available space would determine what you can have and what you cannot. Sure, you would have desires and there would be certain types of plumbing and vanity installation that you would love to have but that would all depend on the space. It is important to analyze the space and prioritize what fixtures you would prefer to have. Unless you have a really large bathroom, chances are that you may have to omit one or two items on your wish list or have to opt for smaller sizes.

The next thing that has to be considered would be the type of tile installation and the present plumbing structure. If you are not interested in changing the locations of the sanitary ware and fixtures during bathroom renovation then your external plumbing does not have to be changed. But in case you wish to do so, the external as well as internal plumbing and vanity installation would have to be considered. Tile installation would need you to decide on the type of tiles you would want, the sizes, designs and also the height of the dado that you wish to have. You must also simultaneously decide on the sanitary ware as well as other fixtures to understand the exact number of tiles you would need.

Before beginning any work on bathroom renovation you must have all such details noted down with quotes, precise measurements and also the entire planning laid out in easy words and tables. If you manage to make a comprehensive analysis of your entire requirements and what you have at your discretion, bathroom renovation can be a very fruitful experience.