Bathroom Renovation Tips – All About Color

August 14, 2012

Coloring can change the whole look of a room and in a room such as a bathroom it can actually create a feeling of comfort, openness, or even claustrophobia if you’re dealing with a smaller room. Color makes a world of difference when decorating any room and especially rooms that don’t have a lot of extra space.

Here are some helpful tips to make your plans a little easier to plot out when it comes to picking out colors for your bathroom.

Color – color is an important factor and can play a big part in creating the look of a larger or smaller area depending on the colors you choose. If you’re working with a smaller bathroom try to stick with light colors that fall in the white and cream colors. Add small touches of color to pop out and give the room a little zest but remember to make your “popping color” something that can easily be changed. Don’t make tiles purple but instead choose purple shower curtains and towels to give a little pop of color. Putting the color on the walls, grouting, tiles, or flooring is a much more permanent fix and going to cost you more money to change should you get tired of the same old color after a few years. This is why going with neutrals is your best bet; not only to give a look of increased size but to allow for accents to be made easily without facing expensive remodeling costs.

Coloring in Fixtures – just as important as the colors you choose for your walls it’s highly suggested you stick with basic colors for your fixtures also. Just about everyone knows someone with one of those pink toilets that are still left over from the 50’s or 60’s and the reason is obvious; nobody wants to put out big bucks to replace a toilet if they don’t have to. Replacing a toilet simply for the color is like shaving your head simply because you want to be a redhead and buy a toupee (well maybe not that drastic).  Instead start with basic white or at the most cream colored toilet, tub, and sink and add the color in your décor. Working with soft, basic colors for your fixtures will keep you from being extremely sorry later in life. Fixtures are fairly expensive to replace and in all likelihood will involve hiring a professional plumber at least for most people.

Grout – If you’re determined you must have built in color and not just color added by your choice of décor, then perhaps changing out the color of grout in your tile work could work. Remember grout is fairly permanent; however, it can also be painted or re-grouted if needed. Try to go with lighter shades so you’re not trying to cover a super dark color grout up if you should want to change it. A nice light shade of grout can add a pleasant effect to tiling and as long as the colors aren’t too dramatic you probably won’t mind being left with a little color in the grouting as time goes on. Try to keep it softer and not overbearing; grout is an accent that should blend the walls and/or floor area together.

Flooring – the color of your flooring will also help determine the feel and look as far as the size of your bathroom goes. If you choose a lighter color of flooring you will inevitably end up opening up the area and making it appear larger. If you can’t swap out floor coloring due to cost factors or other issues then use light colored throw rugs to open up the space.  Most people prefer to avoid carpeting in a bathroom simply due to the cleanliness factor; however you can get a fairly high quality rug that can be pulled up regularly and washed in an industrial sized washing and drying machine available at Laundromats. You hold the edges and corners down with a double faced tape to help keep the rug from sliding too much when you put it down and will need to re-tape each time you wash the rug. If you’re really determined that you want plush, warm carpeting to step out onto when you get out of your shower or using the bathroom on a cold winter’s night then make sure you put non-permanent carpeting down. Again, go with lighter colors and save yourself some hassle by placing the small carpets that wrap around the toilet to protect the floor in that area. You can also pick up the carpeting around the toilet area to scrub the floor in order to keep your floor fresh smelling a little longer. Of course the throw rug that wraps around the toilet area can be washed and dried regularly.

We hope these few tip on coloring will help you to make a good choice when you are thinking about how your future bathroom should look like. 
Don't forget that colors are saying a lot about you! Next article will be dedicated to the meaning of colors and what they say about a person who choose it. 
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